Thrifty Quaker


Every time you make a purchase at the Thrifty Quaker you are supplying needed funding for a variety of worthy charities. We are located in the Midlothian Station Shopping Center in the Village of Midlothian at the corner of Midlothian Turnpike and Coalfield Road.

For a number of years Midlothian Friends Meeting, a quaker meeting located along the county line between Powhatan and Midlothian, Virginia, had a desire to do major social outreach. In August of 1996 the meeting established a thrift store from which all proceeds after operating expenses benefit charity. Proceeds are used to provide help to:

Needy local individuals and families
Victims of war, violence, or disasters
Social and peace organizations
Under-priveleged and oppressed groups

*The Thrifty Quaker features a charitable cause for a finite period of time (typically one month) as the designated recipient of the store’s proceeds. Our incorporation by-laws prevent any of the proceeds from being used for the operation of Midlothian Friends Meeting. The designated recipient is changed monthly as determined by the Peace and Social Action Committee of Midlothian Friends Meeting.

Total given to charity:
benefiting charities since 1996

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